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The Yoshida Machine CO., Ltd. welcomes you for becoming an owner of PET1122, a reputed Yoshida product. Every Yoshida product has been subjected to rigid test and stringent inspections before leaving the factory so that our valued customers shall be assured of accurate performance and consistent operation. Should you require any servicing, however, the authorized Yoshida distributors whose location and addresses are listed on page 15 will be more than happy to extend their factory supervised service on your Yoshida product.


1. Description of Parts

Each number corresponds to the same number on the illustration on page 726.

1) Battery: supplies electric power to activate PET1122.

2) Battery Cover: covers the battery with fur.

3) Adapter: distributes the machine to other devices.

4) Interface: transmits information to other devices.

5) Reset Button: nullifies your fault in the past.

6) Antenna: catches the manipulative radio wave from the authority.

7) Speaker: vibrates the air.

8) Ears: perceive the vibration of the air.

9) Nose: is to be desired being moist and cool.

10) Eyes: are narrowest at noon.

11) Tail: drives vermin off as well as works as another means of communication.










2. General Cautions


If you are not using your PET1122 for a long time, remove the battery with scrupulous care and keep it away from heat, dust and moisture.

In hot weather, do not leave your PET1122 in a closed car or on an ocean beach.

In case of malfunction, never try to repair the PET1122 yourself because it is equipped with high-tension organs.

Your PET1122 is a precision instrument which requires careful handling. Avoid shock: do not speak to it from behind or without calling its formal name. Do not drop it on the floor. You may drop it on the bridge but may not on the viaduct.

Do not insert the antenna into ear canals or nostrils.

Please keep your PET1122 out of the reach of small children except in case of a punishmental use.

3. Battery and Power Switch

Those who are not accustomed to turning on the electric power of PET1122 had better consult the section “practicing basic manipulations” on page 866.

Press the power switch so that the red lamp is on.

Caution!   Do not attempt to turn on the electric power until you are skilled at it.

Those who are engaging in manipulations of PET1122 for the first time are not recommended to install battery until being practiced in the basic manipulations on reference to the section, “Practicing the Basic Manipulations” on page 561.

You need to cut the electric power supply following the prescribed procedure. When being under the necessity of turning off the electric power supply, consult the section, “the procedure of cutting the electric power supply” on the latter part of page 287.








4. Location

If practicable, set up your PET1122 so high that the upper edge of the machine is located between your nipples and your bellybutton when you are seated on the manipulating position. The proper distance between the tip of the manipulator’s nose and the tip of the PET1122’s nose is said to be from 0.5 centimeters to the extent of 200 centimeters. Refer to the illustration on page 746.


5. Health

Long-houred manipulation of PET1122 without a break may cause repetitive stress injury, which is in other words cumulative trauma disorder, that is a pain on hands or teeth. In the event of a prolonged discomfort or pain, it is highly recommended that you consult one of the medical specialists listed on page 137.

Caution!   Do not attempt to cure yourself of a pain by yourself.


It is serviceable for prevention of exhaustion to take a short repose periodically. Stretching, scratching and fetching are preferable to swimming, dancing or spinning.




In case your PET1122 be in any situation with which cannot be coped by consultation with this attached manual, any inquiry to Yoshida Customer Assistant Center listed on page 998 is cordially welcome. Our English-speaking persons in charge of customer service will be always at your service, 24 hours a day.

Please do not stand on the slightest reserve with us.

Again, thank you for choosing a Yoshida product machine, PET1122.