the Emergency Almanac text / art double issue

winter 2003 / summer 2004

Derek Ayres
66 Falcon Futura...etc.

Wes Lang
Goat Head...etc.

Jeff Ladouceur

David Poolman
Out of Statement...etc.

Bryan Tomasovich

from Ouisconsin: The Dead in Our Clouds...
Clouds Empty Light
Panorama Revival


Molly McQuade, editor Blink: An Archive of Sight
Jayson Iwen Use
Ander Monson Stop Your Crying
Dream Obits for Liz
Mark Bayer Airport Review: Toronto Pearson International
Chad Faries Paradise Regained, Paradise Lost:
Notes from the Festival International de Cine Erótico de Barcelona.
David Scher producers donors clearance
salt water daffy
man cylinder at boiler
the painter rose the ladder of success


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