the Emergency Almanac text / art double issue...winter 2003 / summer 2004

David Scher

producers donors clearance
can we reduce demand

producers donors clearance
can we reduce demand

anything could go murk wrong
you might have a bad impression

especially dont murk want that
hold deeper produce more hole filling

reduce demand fill hole murk
creating demand in medicine

a greek and a turk a hun and a heidi
chew gum up colonels down

exaggerate comments pressure
such as an airliner come up short

burning bacon nose liner
furbished for two

vocational wasting soap up
after next after next to the neck

to the neck grip itself
help us get along go on

there is increasing ankle boning
bone shaving the glistening

flower a white yellow flashing
wet white sparks pin

holes pink rushing to pink
a blue sucker rising

from the red black
I taught them how to operate

we crawled through an industrial
bread oven big as a house

everything we do is so alike
a formica stage

intimate sitting stony bits
example world occasion world