emergency almanac - summer 2003
 Dissonance Quintets

by Scott Zieher


Sky Truss & Ground Blossom, Urbanity v. Optimism
Bridge v. Tunnel, Pit Water ‘Gainst Rocks—
Warmth Gives Way & Memory Condescends to Childhood
The Two Morph Into a Single Surge, Architecturally Electric
Song & Storm, Scud Into Skein Into Blanket


Shylock Volume, Gainsays Choir, Psuedipographa
Wax, Wood, Wing & Scratch to Codex, Codices
Adagio-Allegro, Andante Cantabile, Second Viola
Menuetto-Allegro & Allegro Allelujah, First Viola
Do Not Be Moths! Do Not Be Worms! Violincello

Matins, Gorgonzola’s the Only Cheese, Scramblers
Variations on a Violin Butterknife, Opus Incubus, Lo!
Beholden Testicularity Laundry Picking Heels & Flats
Fixed Garden Grip on Very Early Gourds Ether
Above Fourteenth Senior Circuitry, Junior Leaguery

The Plumber’s Name is Jumper: No Joke!
Jackson Square is a Circle in a Triangle: Language
Defying Geometry, Jumper Plumber, Plumber Jumper
1785 Triangular Circle in Spare Square, Post Haste
Make January a Word Like August Sometimes Is


Templo Evangelistico Miss (unfinished) Bright Foods Finished
Tokyo Tacos, Here is the Dux of Our Canon, Ivory Bud
Secretary of the Interior, Typing Out Tunes for Emotions
Of The Mysterium of the Interior, Loiters on the Ear
“Just So” as Sally’d Say of the Page at Her Frosted Forehead


Thunderclap at Dusk, Coptic Dingleberry to Follow
Gusting to Cold Water & Hot Bean Treatises & Now
Dim Sciences of Disbelief Come Quivering
Over All the Little Mythologies Admixed, Gold Poker
God Bless Five Hands, Beuno Brooklyn Blossoming

Deutsche Evangelical Cantatas, Bubble Pearl, Ye Towne House
Yon Commons, Toward Wharf Off Occident Island
The Book of Whole Beans Back Pocket’d, Widespread
Disgruntlements Regarding a Drizzly Persistence
Never Mention October Again, Xanadu of Alphabets

Bat-like, Cape-like, Diaphanous-like Black
Bag Floating Over Vistas Toward The Steeple
Cavernous From Brick, Backdrop of Molting Thrushes
No Out Over Midnight’s Gardenias, Over Stone Cherubs
Slick Slippers Shuffling The Damp Diaper Ramp


Dead Tree, Evergreen, Moribund Bush, Lily
Pom, Color Rose, Dahlia Branch, Sun, Memorize
Your Enemy! Handsomely Finished In Quiet, Unpainted Pine
Stave After Staving, Freedom Distinguished & Extinguished
By Pyramids, Green Tuck, Pink Duck, Mauve Book

Turkey Hill Dairy Sale, Not Wisco-Dragonwater
Squirrel & Woodpecker Bar, Gloomsday Humid
A Catalogue Like Calculus, We Will Onion Under
Pages, Onion Under Empires, Stripe Around Seminary
Tree Roots, Expose ‘Fore Wire, Oldest Hump Tree

Plumb Skull, Provender, Bleecks, Tribune
Tributary, Tribunal, Green Derby, Peacock Alley
Purple Tree, 81 Cent Cocktails at Whaler, Press Box
OO Soup at Sun Luck, Sky-Room, Sherry-Netherland
Stanhope Gate, Gotham Gate, Dogwood Room


Woman With Chest Hair & Testicles, Naught Roma
Naught Greco’s “Bellying Canvas,” Naught Eye Soft
Grape-Leaves, Row-Locks, Oar-Shafts, Knee-Skin
Naught Haughty Haiti, Ire or Britannia
Naught Fire, Ice, green, Soot, Melt or Rot


(Jimmy Punts to Dante) Twixt: Flow Chart (After)
Loom Loony, Charlie’s Wave Town, Doctor WW, Mid-Pound
(Crane Punt) to Walt, Back Browning Sordello Addition
Wordsworth Bicycle Thru Calendars, King Louis, Bunting
Forgotten, Lock & ReLoad the New XXI (Now!)

Pinkerton Garden Straw Hat of Toy Center, Chilli Hut
Iron Flats, Karate Chop Arcade Flash, Alabama & Sons
Palace & the Flashing Catastrophic Dixie Bottle Sign
Dixie Bottle East, Lex Next, Likable Licks of Ice
Okey Dokey, Villa Dolores, Numb Arm, Elevator Cabbage

Elevator Again Like Caramel, Olives & Oily Discharge
RePour Floor, What Trimble Street Once Was? Pink Hunt
To Peck Slip, How the Hammer Came To Terms With His Hot
Iron Friend the Nail, See Goodge Street Apply Her Blushes
With Shadow, Whosoever in Flats or Heels, Higher, Set a Fool Afire


Beach & Collister, Horatio Runs to Charles From the Hudson
River-run, Thorny Typer, Tripe Is Stomach, Pike Titty Window
Question Quote Coat, Cardinal Truck, Cloud Truck Loudly
Upon Buffmark & Spray, Buff, Spray, Buff With Sand
DiamondBack Giant-Dodger, Brave Green Green

Managing Acids, Answer to Cancer, Zona, Steep Digits
Coenties, Circuitry, Fast World, Telegram, Pencil, Stamp
Bring Three Rings & The Mad Hungarian Microphone
Die Cast Plasters, Drive Deep Into The Alley Regardless
Tag Yellow, Hoop Through, Streetsweep, Riot Gear, Gun

Limp Swing Echoes From HighBrow Window, the Tin
Speakers Covered By Flannel, Do Not Thump But Quiver
From the Concert of Strings Fronting Watery Clarinets
Empty Save Nostalgia, Listener Sprinkles Azaleas
So Dry Her Days, Gander Brick, Cuban Yankees


Slow Moving Sweepstakes of Late Morning, Soapcake
Sponge, Bold Girl at Candlewindow in Underthings
Queen of Utopia, Gorger on Morning Solitudinem
Wide Dusk Light, Elsewhere Water Boils on Blue Lights
As Red Brick Turns to Clay from the Big Abundance

Heat Solids, Meat Waves, Dutch, Duke, Pennsylvaniad
Dictionary, Marco Polo, Duns Scotus Namesake
Conquistador Dervish, Thebes at 23rd Street & Ninth
New Brunswick Nun Waddles the Episcopalian Ground
Ice Praise in August, summersmiddlemelting


Alto Gear of Truck Upward Adagio, Dunking Sound
To Petroleum, Pivot, Petroleum, Pivot & Water
Turkish Noise, Whistling Vietnam Beef Cork (Bo Lui)
Norwegian Grieg Fish (Lutefisk!), Trellis, Investiture
Tunnel & Infamous Librettist’s Clank

Wishbones For Christ Almighty Knows What All
Vehicular Bumble Bee, Hand Towel & Apron Specialists
Wilting White Roses, Blue Bottle, White Bathrobes, Binoculars
Of Crosswise Homosexuals Smoking Homosexual Cigars
With Red Towels as Turbans & Well-kempt Fingernails


Plainspoke Rainbroke, (take walk), Empty
Frames at Doorbell, Small Heads in Doorways
Faces Seen in Windows, Mattress Landscapes
Between Charles & Rome, Gansevoort Notre
Riverrine 350, Fish Kink Horatio Dame

Brewer Fountain Boston Mass Postcard, Jerusalems
Of Surrealism, Layettes for Baby Cheap Cheap, Lace
Muscles No. 12 Beseler Lantern Slides New York
Diplomatic World Transcript & Telegram clutched
Truckside, Parade Taxistand Office Garden Blarney

Take a Peak at the CheeseCake, the Convenience
Of Jesus, Lay Mutard, Oil, Mail Pill, Hospitality Corn
Flake Box, Avacado Taxi Jews, Razor Blade Blasphemy
Everett Shindig’s Banquet Hat, Man by the Name of Cleveland—
Certain Colors Have Haunted Him All His Life


Syrrupy Burning of Home, Kissing Signals Galore
Lintel, Indiana, Plastic Versus Plaster, Tarry Photo
Studio Blinding Valve All-Powered, Emptied Ear Canals
He Came From The West In A One Colored Coat
Pigeon Cartilidge Gutter, Joya Joya Truck

Stitches, Redundance, Pistol Pete, Joya Truck Rumbling
Joya Bitches, Abundance, The Puddles of General Tsao
Assisi Pleiades Hiding Behind Glass— Glass Toss
SurlySkirts Foam Rubber Manufactors Ely Mnemonics
Loom of Skull, ViolinWhistle Besnickerments


Pelican Endorfins & Alkaloids, Five Yes Books
Coffee Telephone Wobbling Water (writing condom in a sonnet)
Custodian, Superintendent, Super, Janitor Squirrely Moth
In An Elevator: Grammar School Vomit Clean-up Smell
Bright & Piny, Sphincter-Stiffening Smell

All Beef Frankfurter Weiner Water Smell, Didley Met
Juke Yankee, Silver Smithereen, Downtrodshod
Upbeat Heat, Lime Tree Deliveryman Steals Bergdorff’s
Catalogue! Mail Box Bust! Fine & Finer Ephemera
Like the Drink—High & Higher


As chewed seeds in the belly: Whale Scrimshaw Show
Mobile Gains, Orange Risk, Imagistix, Happy Green
Opus Flat & Doldrum, Droll, Violin Doldrums, Beaver
Baklava, Downtown Pants, Earwig In An Elevator, Hollow
Versus Cantankerous, Half Wake, Half Plain Song


Gusting 33’s violins & wind to time white curtains
Gracing the outside of open window constancies
Not for trucks this continuance, joining drowning
Young grace over these very old bells & dustinesses
Again can swirl with our quiet anthem waving

Songs of Cecil, Sparkflow Radio, Illegitimate Wind
Hog Tally, Cotillion, Saloon, Tarragon Salmon, Trove
Of Tokens, White Roses, Snort, Readjust to Rust—or
Truculence Revisit Us, Wise Men Fish Here With Dervish
Diamonds & Pork Shop Bellies, Balcony, Barrel, Blueblood

Grey Hound, Tinkerbell, Bullfinch, Shoddyshoes, Asp
Green Bean Bag & Wax Green Bean Bag, Tuesday Mongers
Olson Oaken, Paterson Pine, Pound Bluff, Streichqartett
Stitches British & Afterwards Van Pelts Arch Manor
Minorpiece Across from the Ass of the Seminary


Kennedy Coronet Comes Complete With Tubes
Tells Violins, Tells No Such Thing as Drums for Hours
Tells Terrible Heaps & Arrows Pointing West to Prego
Italian Johannes, Wolfsmooth, the Ship Skates a Figure
Through Waves, Conceiving Conceits, Cognitions

Consonance, Constance, Troposphere Strings Bouncing
Off Mountains, Finality, Nekrolog of 1793, Hot Dog Map
Webbing Netting— to Pull, Plough-Pull, Fish-Pull, Attractor
Deutsche Gramaphonograph, Cultivator, Draw (Draught)
Drafter, Pull-Out, Drag Sweet Smithery Mounts

Blood Held, Oscar, Methodology’s Technicocktails
Catalogue Russian Progress: Russian Cuts Hair, Bridgelight
Chops, Drugs, Dregs, Ko Ko, Painstmear in an Elevator
Fourth Depth Charge, Fourth Glint, Forth Mirth, Hosea Train
Vanilla Toasted Almond Ice Cream Popsicle Tree

Bake Ruffian, GroomJack, Naples, Verona, Ravenna, Rapallo
Yet Dog Spur, Lark Hunt, Don’t Cut the Doctor’s Flowers
Twin Gurggles, Taxi Blanch, Alcove Ash, Bulls & Beards
Bullets & Bulbs, Never Mention 24th Street Again
ValueBuilt, Bullet-Mirror’d, Transgender in an Elevator


Deermen, Horn-Dance, Needwood, Hard Hunted, Swiftly
Welcome to the Garden, Louisiana Due South, Overlord, Over
Look, Flower Garden, Air Filters, Keep This Area Clean
For Children, Obligatory Seal, Neck, Arch, Smoothly
Even-tree’d Lightsplash, Never Mention Rain Again


Swerve Blue, Alone, Alive, Square Moon, Tin Silence
Poison Noise, Daresay Deep, Din King of Norwalk Pass
Fat Moon Siren Punch, West to Emerald, Chevy Smudge
Bookish, Mawkish, Marvel Drivel, Blue Box Red Box
Box Truck, Tape Truck, Keeping Walking Talisman

Nap Cabbie, Taxi Sleep, Static, Grate Irk, Bus Irk Train
Irk, Travel Irk, Stay, Fall, Nip, Token Logo-isms
Nose Lump, Wallet Leather, Maker, Holder, Accrued
Construed, Dissolving into Discord, Quorum, Thereat
Profixes, Polyglot, Proxy, Proxy, Proxy, Proxy


Surety, Hereunder, Effectuate, Covenant, Compliance
Belting Your Cold Bellyfish Hourly on the Stick
Belfry Eliot, Further Fissure, Relay Mail, Blue Box Red Box
Truck Again (Walton Hauling), Argosy, Whammy, Ceramica
Cement, Decal Box, Gilt & Black DeCal Alphabets

Down Again, Ex-Brooklyn, Gone Swiftly To Seed
In The City, Pass Warm Area Half-Sperm, Half-Piss
Onion Rancor Days, Lamps in 52 Windows at Ready-Hand
Blinds Flap & Wave, Paper Breaks, Dust Chokes, Garbage Rounds
Plummet, Come Forward, Belltower Bridgelights, Bird’s Wings

Green Brown & Gold Cup, Green Brown & Yellow Cup, Gracious
Diffidence, Sky Frame, Delta Belly, Sparrowscatterings Agog
Ivy Sideburns, Famous Bearded Actress, Mistress Patrick
Thereby Gap Tooth Go Via Dildo Truck? Veal Meat Chinatown
Meat Truck Passes, Hotel triangle = Heraldry

Paraphrases, Aporia, Delectability of Exits, Siren Flowers
String Held China Book About To Break (Self-Destructs
As One Turns His Pages), Slurry and Slip Cast, Evaporating
Fast, Lost Wax & Spun Swift, Deeply Baked, Hammer Chiseled
Dump This Jelly Penny & Get Me 1000 Shares of Doughnut!


Brick Fauve Jonquil Sprig Fleet Nocturne
Smiling Bruise, Ireward (Bean), Christopher Comes
Hither, Ledge Known & Truck Tender, Twin Oak
Wince, Winch, Slow Hat Saturnalia, Paterson
Vim & Vigor, Bank Elevator Smells Like Armpit

Toenails, 2600 Motherfuckers, Rateau Infranet
Grand Uncle of Hell Hole’s Red Label, Smuttynose
Sweatbreads With The Enemy, File Crate Magistrate
Daisy Sorter Below Bing Eclectic Electric, Walt
O, On Sale Human Hair!, Wig Hunter, Uni-Millinery

Far-East Flint Lock, Majesty: One Should Use (Baseball)
Statistics Like A Drunk Uses A Lampost, For Support
Not Illumination, Frisky Fisk’s Fists, Pace Apace
The Whole State of Minnesota, Torrid Cello Resigneth
Forum, 8 Dollars, Advanceth, Rusheth


Meat Night— Not Seen Since Hector Was a Pup— Note
On Gloss, Shines That Way for Gnosis & Praise & Trophy
Campaign For Happenstance & Duelling Adjectives
Pillow, Blemish, Lamp Shallow, Quickening, Gasp
Cheeseburger DeLuxe With French Mustard

Waltz Toy Paperstain, Perisphere & Trylon, Horn & Hardart
Thermolux Gaieties, Hattie Carnegie Toy Bosoms, Shoe brush.
Ribbon toy. Muscle Toy, GI Joy, Hammer toy, Adze, Succulent Toy
Duck Breast and Poire William Toy, Tin Toy, Stamp Toy
Something good in the morning mails.